I offer a variety of lectures and hands on classes with my sewing machines.  Feel free to contact me for more information on these opportunities for your guild, historic site,  scout troop, and more.

A History of Feedsacks and Feedsack Quilting

This one hour lecture/hands on display discusses the history of feedsacks, from their inception to modern day reproduction, collection, and use. Class members are allowed to handle and learn to identify feedsack fabrics, as well as view a large variety of the different patterns and colorways that feedsacks were created in.  Bibliography for references available upon request as well.

Hand crank sewing for children

I work with your group/site to come up with the project and length for children between 6 and 14 to come learn basic sewing techniques on hand cranked sewing machines.  This gives children the opportunity to learn how to sew in a controlled environment, with a people powered machine. We start with printed practice sheets, and then work to making a small project (bag, potholder, etc.)

Hand crank sewing for adults

I work with your group/site to come up with a project for the adults (usually a mug rug or pajama pants) to go through the basics of sewing.  Using a hand crank machine also takes some of the anxiety many have from the home ec class electric machines out of the equation to allow individuals to have a wonderful experience learning the basics of using a sewing machine.

Hand Quilting 101

Teaching the basics of hand quilting using hoops and basic batting and fabric, going through the tools, some basic history, and some good beginning patterns.

The History of Quilting

A presentation starting with the origins of quilting, from Ancient Egypt to Modern Day.  Displays of pieces from my collection, along with resources for additional research and exploration.

Learning to Love the Vintage Sewing Machine

A discussion on the history of sewing machines, how to acquire a vintage machine, the benefits of vintage machines, as well as basic restoration tips.

Basic VSM maintenance

A basic 101 class on how to clean and maintain a variety of vintage machines.  Please bring your machine, and other supplies listed on a sheet, and we will go through maintaining and cleaning a machine.  

Demo/Displays available for events:

  • Hand Quilting on a frame
  • Treadle Sewing
  • Treadles with Handcranks for children to try
  • Handcranks for children to try


If you are interested in any of these demonstrations, presentations, or hands on activities, please contact us.